October 31 – November 1, 2018Minneapolis Convention CenterMinneapolis, MN

ECHO 360 Fine Wire Laser Stripper

The first compact, excimer laser wire-stripping workstation designed for fine-wires. The ECHO 360, with its propriety “Echo” technology, strips, separates and/or cuts wires as fine as AWG 60 gauge, without handling or rotation of the wire. The deep-UV (193 nm and 248 nm) excimer wavelengths are absorbed more readily by a wider variety of insulator materials for residue-free, oxide-free removal without damaging the conductor. Its “flat-top” beam profile provides perfect stripping uniformity and sharp transitions (edges) from insulator to core. The ECHO 360 incorporates a new generation of small-format excimer laser that delivers well over 1 billion shots, on average, between factory-service intervals.

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