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Gold Plating Services

Advanced Plating Technologies offers a range of rack, barrel and vibratory gold plating services for the medical industry. Common applications include implantable & catheter radiopacity, high-reliability electrical contacts and interconnects as well as biocompatible surfaces for various surgical components. Advanced Plating Technologies offers a full range of gold plating services including 99.9% pure soft gold, 99.7% pure hard gold and biocompatible duplex gold systems. APT specializes in plating of small to micro parts and can plate on a range of basis materials including ferrous, cuprous or aluminum alloys as well as stainless steel, MP35N, 35N LT®, Cobalt-Chromium and molybdenum. A full range of engineering services are provided to develop application-specific finishes or diagnose preexisting issues relating to corrosion resistance, solderability, conductivity or adhesion.

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