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Gem Runner™ Reloadable Safety Blade Dispenser

For the cleanest, highest accuracy cuts, even the sharpest blades must be changed frequently.

Gem Runner™ is a compact and reliable workstation tool that speeds production and helps safeguard against accidental cuts by providing easy access to single edge blades. At the touch of a button, the dispenser serves up a new blade, safe side up.

Gem Runner™ is easily reloadable with 100-blade cartridges of .009” heavy duty, precision-ground 2- or 3-facet GEM® single edge blades. (Carbon steel 2-facet .0012” blades are also available.)

With the absence of individual blade wrappers, the cartridges are considered cleanroom-ready. This absence minimizes the risk of contamination from blade to finished product.

Having the right tools at hand is critical for worker safety, process efficiency, and product quality. The Gem Runner™ ensures all three. Made in the USA by AccuTec Blades.

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