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MDI manufactures a wide array of medical devices for the medical device industry. The company understands that time is money and guarantees a quick turnaround without forfeiting quality. MDI has expertise in the following processes to help bring concepts to life: laser machining, laser welding, Nitinol shape setting, electropolishing, passivating, and surface treatment.

VEST (Venture Embedded Solutions Technology)

Advanced Products Corporation Pte. Ltd. (APC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Venture Corporation Limited (Venture). APC has built know-how and intellectual property with domain expertise in embedded system engineering design and development for both hardware and software. With in-depth understanding of embedded system design, APC has developed a robust development ecosystem encompassing hardware, software, networking components, and more.

Everbrite LLC

Everbrite LLC manufactures finished assemblies and component parts for companies in the medical, automotive, beverage dispenser, food service, petroleum, brewery, and retail industries.


PSA Inc. develops and supports CMPRO, a trusted PLM software solution for more than 25 years. Designed to automate business processes and maintain regulatory and compliance data, CMPRO can facilitate data management needed for FDA submission, quality control, and audit management.

Klingel Medical Metal GmbH

Klingel Medical Metal produces high-precision mechanical CNC turned and milled parts with complex geometries on state-of-the-art machinery, including surface finish, packaging, and logistics. The contract manufacturer with an FDA-registered site offers validated processes for making bone plates and spinal implants for use in orthopedic surgery, endoscopy, minimal invasive and robotic surgery components, and dental implants and their instruments.

Bole North America

Bole North America manufactures injection-molding machinery. The EK Series is a center-locking toggle machine that comes in sizes of 67 tons to 4,409 tons. The DK Series is a two-platen design that comes in sizes of 496 tons to 7,495 tons. The company has more than 17 years of experience in providing more than 60 countries with injection-molding machinery.

Rasco Industries Inc.

Rasco Industries Inc. manufactures screen products to add security, ventilation, and pest control to loading dock doors, hollow metal service doors, and air inlets. For decades, it has provided screening solutions to a variety of industries. Rasco worked closely with major food packaging and processing plants, food inspection organizations, and a USDA laboratory to assure a product design and screen selection to meet clients' rigorous needs.

Amplitude Systemes

Amplitude Systemes manufactures a new generation of ultrafast lasers, using direct diode-pumping of Ytterbium doped materials. Main features are compactness, ease of use, and high reliability. Products include high-energy, high repetition rate femtosecond fiber amplifiers (Satsuma and Tangerine series), as well as 100W high-energy amplifiers (Tangor series).

Controlled Dynamics

Controlled Dynamics offers an evolutionary leap in structural aluminum systems. The company was formed with the goal of engineering a structural aluminum system to eliminate the realignment of assemblies and retightening of fasteners. It is experienced with t-slot based systems subjected to dynamic environments. Visit Controlled Dynamics' Web site for more information.

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