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Nakata USA Ltd.

Nakata USA Ltd.'s ITRO treatment is a surface treatment system based on a concept by which a Nano-scale silicon oxide layer is formed on the surface of a coated substrate by oxidizing flame with a flame burner. It improves adhesiveness to various materials, such as metal, glass, plastic, and silicone.

The Lee Company

The Lee Company manufactures miniature fluid-control components for automated liquid handling in medical and scientific instrumentation, analytical/clinical chemistry, and medical disposable applications. Products include two- and three-way solenoid valves, latching solenoid valves, high-speed micro-dispense valves, nozzles, press-in check valves, calibrated flow restrictors, fixed and variable volume pumps, and custom manifold systems.

Liquidmetal Technologies Inc.

Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. provides advanced molding solutions for complex and high-performance metal parts. Its amorphous metal technology imparts uncompromising precision, strength, and corrosion resistance for applications in a broad range of markets. The company’s metal injection molding (MIM) operations provide an alternative manufacturing option to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Wytech Industries Inc.

Since 1975, Wytech Industries has been a valued outsourcing partner to medical device OEMs worldwide for its wire and tubing components and assemblies designs. Its core technologies include precision grinding, wire straightening/cutting, laser machining, EDM, CNC turning/milling, forming/fabrication, coatings, finishing, and more. Wytech also offers overnight delivery of stainless steel and Nitinol wire (FastLane Program) in hundreds of sizes.

Maxon Precision Motors Inc.

Maxon Precision Motors Inc. is a leading supplier of high-precision DC brush and brushless motors and drives ranging in size from 4 mm to 90 mm. The company combines electric motors, gears, and DC motor controls into high-precision, intelligent drive systems that can be customized for specific needs of customer applications.


MICRO is a full-service contract manufacturer of medical devices and subassemblies, including injection/insert molding, MIMs, and fabricated tube assemblies. The company offers product development and design assistance—from prototyping and validation to full-scale production. Modern facilities are cGMP-QSR compliant and ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 14001 certified. MICRO maintains an ISO Class 8 cleanroom for surgical instrument assemblies.

MAJiK Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

MAJiK Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 13485–certified OEM that provides high-quality custom medical catheter tubing. The company manufactures reinforced medical tubing (braided/coiled) for various applications in the medical device industry. With a more than 3,500-sq-ft Class 100,000 manufacturing space in India, the company provides high-quality and economical solutions in medical tubing.


Minitubes offers custom high-precision metal tubing, 0.10–30 mm, with thick and thin walls, minute tolerances, and smooth finishes. Products are used in stents, endoscopic or chromatography devices, diagnostic probes, surgical instruments, catheters, and electrodes. It created a new process for affordable medical applications such as hypotubes, capillary tubing, or needles, with grades such as CoCr, Phynox, Elgiloy, MP35N, 35NLT, L605, and more.

Medelec S.A.

Medelec S.A. supplies high-precision, cold-drawn metal tubing for production of stents and endoscopes, and precious metal tubing as ring electrodes and marker bands. Precious metals include gold, platinum, tantalum, palladium, titanium, elgiloy, NP35N, and other implantable alloys. Outer diameters from 0.004 to 0.400-in. and wall thicknesses from 0.0006 to 0.040-in. can be achieved with tolerances under 0.0002 in. Length > 0.008 in. Rms > 5.

Multisource Mfg. LLC

Multisource Mfg. LLC is a solutions provider for OEMs in the medical, aerospace, microelectronics, and food packaging industries. The company specializes in creating partnerships with customers needing prototyping, development, and production for precision-manufactured equipment, assemblies, and components. Multisource offers program management expertise and can help customers with inventory solutions and volume advantages.

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