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Weiss-Aug Company Inc.

Weiss-Aug Company Inc. has three locations, including the newest cost-effective location in Mexico. The company provides custom insert molding, precision metal stamping, and automated assembly solutions. Additionally, Weiss-Aug offers product development and prototyping services to customers in surgical device industries. It is ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Nelipak® Healthcare Packaging

Nelipak® Healthcare Packaging designs, develops, and manufactures custom thermoformed packaging products that provide superior protection for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, including medical trays and blisters, surgical procedure trays, pharmaceutical handling trays, custom-built sealing machines, and other value-added services. The company delivers superior quality through world-class manufacturing at each of its global locations.

Motion Dynamics Corp.

Motion Dynamics manufactures custom coils, springs, wire forms, Nitinol components, and laser-welded assemblies, specializing in micro wire components. It offers coil diameters less than 0.004-in. and wire diameters 0.0005–0.125-in., in stainless steel, Nitinol, platinum alloys, titanium, cobalt chrome alloys, tungsten, and high-temperature alloys; laser welding, passivation; heat treatment; etching; and cleaning. ISO certified, ITAR registered.

Microspec Corp.

Microspec Corp. has a global reputation for extruding some of the smallest, most complex, and tightest toleranced medical parts in the industry. The company extrudes custom bump tubing, coextrusions, microextrusions, multilumen and multilayered tubing, balloon and ribbon extrusions, and profile extrusions using polyurethanes, nylons, engineering resins, and custom formulations. Visit Microspec’s Web site for more information.

Nelson Laboratories LLC

Nelson Laboratories LLC is a leading provider of testing and consulting services. The company knows that every test matters and requires solutions that improve patient outcomes. Nelson calls it The Science of Success®. It means working with clients to ensure the safety and efficacy of every product. Learn more at the company's Web site.

Micro-Matics Inc.

Micro-Matics Inc. has specialized in custom, high-precision medical components and assemblies since 1973. The company provides quality products and services to small start-ups with rapid prototype needs as well as to Fortune 500 companies with million-piece requirements. Capabilities include CNC Swiss, Escomatics, grinding, and assembly. Micro-Matics is certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, and AS9100 C.

MicroLumen Inc.

MicroLumen Inc.'s tubing systems are used in a wide range of minimally invasive, critical OEM applications. Primary materials include polyimide, PTFE, Pebax, nylon, and Tecoflex, specifically designed to provide exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. The company's process allows it to hold tighter tolerances than conventionally extruded tubing. Laser machining and braid/coil reinforcement are available. ISO certified.

Metro Mold & Design (MMD Medical)

MMD Medical is a contract manufacturer of components for large medical OEMs. The company helps its customers overcome their pricing pressures and the delays they experience getting product to market. Unlike its competition, MMD combines precision machining and molding while controlling all tool design and build in-house, reducing risk and cost. The company's clients say that it significantly reduces their time to market.

Machine Solutions

Machine Solutions provides manufacturing and testing equipment for catheter and medical device manufacturers. The company's equipment includes balloon catheter pleat and folding, drug-coated stent crimping, heart valve crimping, catheter tipping, bonding, flaring, flanging, medical wire braiding and coiling, catheter lamination, marker band swaging, hole forming, testing services, and a R&D lab.

Machine Control Specialists Inc.

Machine Control Specialists Inc. (MCS) provides solutions for medical coiling, respooling, and winding. The company produces manual, semiautomatic, and fully automatic mandrel and continuous winders, respoolers, and closed-loop payoff tensioners. Capabilities include SS, NiTi, precious metals, film, or fiber in round or flat down to 12.7um. MCS’s specialties include multifilar coils, coated materials, cutting coils, and automation.

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