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Metro Mold & Design (MMD Medical)

MMD Medical is a contract manufacturer of components for large medical OEMs. The company helps its customers overcome their pricing pressures and the delays they experience getting product to market. Unlike its competition, MMD combines precision machining and molding while controlling all tool design and build in-house, reducing risk and cost. The company's clients say that it significantly reduces their time to market.

Machine Solutions

Machine Solutions provides manufacturing and testing equipment for catheter and medical device manufacturers. The company's equipment includes balloon catheter pleat and folding, drug-coated stent crimping, heart valve crimping, catheter tipping, bonding, flaring, flanging, medical wire braiding and coiling, catheter lamination, marker band swaging, hole forming, testing services, and a R&D lab.

Machine Control Specialists Inc.

Machine Control Specialists Inc. (MCS) provides solutions for medical coiling, respooling, and winding. The company produces manual, semiautomatic, and fully automatic mandrel and continuous winders, respoolers, and closed-loop payoff tensioners. Capabilities include SS, NiTi, precious metals, film, or fiber in round or flat down to 12.7um. MCS’s specialties include multifilar coils, coated materials, cutting coils, and automation.

Meron Medical, a Div. of M&S Centerless

Meron Medical offers extreme precision ID/OD and centerless grinding services for highly complex, intricate cylindrical components. The company is ISO 13485:2003 certified and offers super-precision hypotubes, complex guidewires, stylets, mandrels, core pins, polymers, catheters, and other critical implantable device components. Cardio and neurovascular, neuromodulation, and ophthalmological are typical end uses.


Innovize is a contract manufacturer specializing in medical converting. The company produces subassembly components, consumables, and finished medical devices. Capabilities include slitting; laminating; die and laser cutting; rotary, digital, and screen printing; cleanroom/dry room production and packaging; turnkey sterilization; and bio burden testing. FDA registered, GMP compliant, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

I-Tek Medical

I-Tek was founded in 2005 and has grown to be one of the premier medical device contract manufacturers located in the United States. The company operates in an FDA GMP–compliant facility with ISO 13485 certification. I-Tek specializes in turnkey manufacturing and sterile barrier packaging. Its employees are experts in medical device development and commercialization.

Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing

Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing specializes in the design and build of custom automation equipment. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, the company provides innovative engineering and high-quality manufacturing solutions from concept to completion. Isthmus’ expertise includes precision assembly, dispense and fill automation, custom material handling, robotic and vision integration, custom packaging, and inspection systems.

Interpower® Corp.

Interpower® is a premier supplier of power system components. It offers a full line of North American and international power cords and cord sets, IEC 60320 inlets, outlets, cable, plugs, sockets, and the International Power Source. It has cords and plugs that meet hospital-grade standards. There are no minimum order requirements, same-day shipping on in-stock products, and one-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time on nonstock Interpower products.

Nitto Kohki USA Inc.

Nitto Kohki USA Inc. offers linear motor-free piston system air compressors and vacuum pumps featuring quiet, oil-free operation with exceptionally long life. It offers quick connects that are ideal for pneumatic, hydraulic, leak test, and purity applications, with a wide range of material options for the coupler body and seals. Nitto Kohki "Delvo" electric screwdrivers are professional-use, high-quality tools offering precise torque control.

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