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PTI Inspection Systems

PTI is a leading manufacturer of nondestructive package testing and inspection technologies for high-risk packaging applications. The company offers solutions for package integrity testing, leak detection, leak testing, container closure integrity, and seal integrity testing. PTI's inspection technologies are deterministic test methods that produce reliable and robust quantitative test data.

Plastics One Inc.

Since 1949, Plastics One Inc. been partnering with OEMs worldwide for specific design and product needs—a track record that promises customers the power of its connecting abilities in superior manufacturing and customer service. The company is proud to design and custom manufacture medical cables, cable assemblies, and connectors, and to provide injection, insert, and cleanroom molding with in-house tooling and design services.

Kato Cable

Kato Cable provides custom cable assemblies and complex wire harnesses for medical devices, power generation, specialty vehicles, power sports, and agricultural and industrial products. Its innovative manufacturing provides many Fortune 500 companies with complex assemblies that can survive in challenging operating environments. Capabilities include PPAP, rapid prototyping, production, service parts, braiding, overmolding, and on-board testing.

Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing Inc.

Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing Inc. is a full-service packaging, contract packaging, assembly, and sterilization company. Services include cleanroom assembly, unit dose tubes, blister packaging, pouching, labeling, and consumer-ready packaging. Sterilization includes EO, gamma, and steam. Pro-Tech has in-house validation capabilities. Packaging products include rigid and set-up boxes, foam, and custom sewn cases.


ProPlate® has specialized in engineered coating solutions for the medical industry for more than 30 years. The company works with customers from the prototype development stage through production to create custom electroplating solutions designed for unique requirements. The company has pioneered innovations for applications such as braided catheters and radiopaque markers, and continues to be an industry-leading electroplater.

Premold Corp.

Premold Corp. is a leading supplier of custom reaction-injection-molded (RIM) plastic housings, bezels, and enclosures for specialty equipment for the life sciences industries. The company is vertically integrated, offering mold design and build, molding, painting, finishing, EMI, decorating, prototyping, subassembly, project management, and sourcing services. ISO 9001 certified, UL recognized.

Plastics International

Plastics International is a global supplier of medical, engineering, and high-performance plastics in sheet, rod, tube, and film. Materials can be provided "cut to size" with three-dimensional finishing and fly-cutting capabilities for prototype and production applications. Stocking materials include Delrin, Noryl, nylon, PEEK, PVDF-Kynar, PTFE-Teflon, UHMW, Ultem, and more.

Pioneer Plastics Inc.

Pioneer Plastics Inc. specializes in the development of tooling for plastic injection molding of medical components, such as contract custom and insert injection molding, including assembly services for the medical device industry.

Peterson Enterprises

Peterson Enterprises works directly with medical device manufacturers throughout the entire component development process, from concept and prototypes (always with an eye toward scalability and commercialization) through production. It partners with manufacturers that are leaders in their market segments. Peterson selects appropriate manufacturers to work on a project based on their capabilities, material, and capacity to ensure project success.

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