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ADMEDES GmbH is a leading global provider of finished Nitinol self-expandable components to the medical device industry. The company collaborates with clients on their designs to develop, commercialize, and produce Nitinol and other metal medical implants and device components that meet stringent ISO and FDA standards.

Asahi Intecc USA Inc.

Asahi Intecc USA Inc. is an ISO 9001/13485 manufacturer of wire-based medical components, including Actone 1-1 torque cable tube, motor-driven drive cables, and flat wire torque coils. Other products include laser cut hypotubes, coils, strands, and cables; guidewires; braid-reinforced catheter tubing of variable durometer; and ultra-thin PTFE liner. Capabilities include high-volume manufacturing, laser welding, soldering, and assembly.

Farlow's Scientific Glass Blowing Inc.

Farlow's Scientific Glass Blowing Inc. manufactures custom precision glass balloon molds; straight tubes; and tipping dies, forming dies, and bonding dies for catheter production. Products include glass anatomical models for fatigue, flow, tortuous path testing, and demonstration. Products also include custom glass for scientific use. Visit the Farlow's booth to learn more.

LISI Medical Remmele Inc.

LISI Medical Remmele Inc. specializes in precision machining of orthopedic and spinal implants, as well as devices and components for minimally invasive surgical, urological, vascular, and drug delivery. Capabilities include turning, milling, forging, laser marking, anodizing, prototypes, design for manufacturing, and validations through full-scale production. FDA registered and ISO 13485:2003 certified.

TE Connectivity Ltd.

TE Connectivity Ltd. (TE) together with Creganna Medical and MicroGroup, offers medical device OEMs a complete portfolio of products for minimally invasive, imaging, surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic devices. It is an expert in all aspects of a medical device, from access and delivery solutions for interventional medicine to innovative connectivity and sensing solutions for patient treatment, home healthcare, and surgical applications.

Gerbig Engineering

Since 1985, Gerbig Engineering has provided affordable cleanroom solutions to the medical device market in the Twin Cities and North America. It specializes in cleanroom design, fabrication, installation, and testing. Gerbig manufactures AireCell™ modular cleanrooms and devices. It tests and certifies cleanrooms and equipment. Gerbig Engineering is a NEBB-certified cleanroom testing company.

Fort Wayne Metals

Fort Wayne Metals is an expert manufacturer of precision fine wire, centerless ground bar, strands, cables, metal-to-metal composites, and subassemblies for the medical device industry. The company works with stainless steel, high-performance alloys, and titanium, and is an integrated Nitinol supplier. FDA registered and ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.

AMS Micromedical LLC

AMS Micromedical LLC specializes in ultraprecision micromachining and micro-injection molding using medical-grade metal and plastic materials. Capabilities include design services and assistance, laser marking, titanium anodizing, electropolishing, pad printing, and assembly. Its equipment and software are state-of-the-art, and personnel are highly trained and experienced. QMS is ISO 13485:2003, and its manufacturing facility is FDA registered.

BTW Inc.

BTW Inc. has been a provider of contract electronic manufacturing services for more than 23 years. The company is an ISO 9001– and ISO 13485–certified, FDA- and ITAR-registered, and veteran-owned small business. Services include printed circuit assembly through complete product builds with a host of supporting services, including cleanroom production and third-party logistics.

BSI Group America Inc.

BSI Healthcare's mission is to ensure patient safety while supporting timely access to global medical device technology. The company provides thorough, responsive, predictable conformity assessments, evaluations, and certifications that are recognized and accepted worldwide. To learn more, visit BSI Healthcare's Web site.

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