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AMETEK Specialty Metal Products

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products manufactures precision metal tubes; high-purity strip; ultrathin foil; shaped wire; and powders in titanium, stainless steel, and super alloys. Applications include heart valves, trauma nails, orthopedic implants, stents, implantable cans for pacemakers, HPLC tubing, and Ti powders for plasma coatings. Fine Tubes, Superior Tube, Hamilton Precision Metals, and Reading Alloys form AMETEK SMP.

Anderson Agency Inc.

Anderson Agency Inc. represents a variety of custom thermoplastics, silicone, metal components, and precious metal plating manufacturers. The company's supplier base works in thin medical-grade materials, small diameters, and complex shapes. If a customer can design it, Anderson can work out a way to make the part with a capable production process.

Altron Inc.

Altron Inc. is a veteran-owned, debt-free electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) specializing in electronic assemblies, mechanical box builds, servicing, and order fulfillment in a variety of industries. The company is registered to ITAR, FDA, CSA, UL, TUV, DUNS, and SAM. Certifications include AS9100, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and VOSB. All Altron employees are trained to J-STD-001DS with two certified on-site trainers.

AMETEK Engineered Medical Components

AMETEK Engineered Medical Components includes TSE, Avicenna, and Laserage. These businesses provide custom interconnects with ultra-high-density technology, fine-wire cable, electrode-based catheter assemblies, contract device and system assembly, and laser-machined metal and polymer components for cardiac imaging/mapping systems, neuromodulation leads, endovascular stents, and neurovascular delivery systems.

Brunk Industries Inc.

Brunk Industries Inc. is a certified ISO 13485:2012 full-service, award-winning manufacturer of precision metal stampings and assemblies, with one specialty of being able to transform machined components into low-cost precision metal stampings. The company produces components for surgical instruments and class-critical implantable devices using all stainless-steel grades and any exotic materials made in strip stock.

Gowanda Components Group

Gowanda Components Group is a U.S.-based manufacturer of power, conical, RF inductors, transformers, and application-specific magnetics. Medical applications are supported with standard/custom products and OEM-specific design/development assistance featuring micro/ultraminiature, solvent-resistant, and magnetic/nonmagnetic designs. Facilities include custom molding/winding, prototyping, Class 100,000 cleanrooms, and ISO 13485/ISO 9001 standards.

Ad Tape & Label Company Inc.

Ad Tape & Label Company Inc. (ATL) is an FDA- and ISO 13485:2003–registered, cGMP-compliant contract manufacturer with flexographic printing, rotary die-cutting, multiple material lamination, and island placement capabilities for disposable medical devices. Other services include custom single-ply and multi-panel labels, pouching and packaging, and confidential engineering and material selection assistance.

Branson Ultrasonics Corp.

Emerson leads the medical global technology market, offering the Branson brand of advanced material joining and precision cleaning products. The breadth of Branson assembly equipment allows for a process-neutral approach to application development that assures customers receive the best solution to address product specifications and regulatory and budgetary needs, while providing robust manufacturing solutions for benchtop or automated processes.

AccuTec Blades

AccuTec Blades designs and engineers precision blades for material processing equipment for surgery; histology; food prep; fiber, glass, and flooring installation; and DIY blades and bladed solutions. Blades with innovative edge geometry and coatings are 100% U.S. custom-engineered for use in cleanrooms, labs, and workstations. Founded in 1885, AccuTec is headquartered in Verona, Virginia.

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