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Parker Automation

Parker Automation is a global leader in motion control products, serving a variety of markets. The company builds mechanical, pneumatic, motion control, and HMI products specifically for the medical device manufacturing, semiconductor, packaging, and industrial automation industries. From single-axis stages to gantry systems with integrated controls, Parker has leading-edge capability.

Rethink Robotics

In manufacturing plants around the world, industrial automation has become a priority as companies seek cost-effective ways of responding to dynamic customer requirements, labor challenges and global competition. Rethink’s advanced collaborative robotic technology is leading the way with the only integrated cobot solution available from a single source.

Mobile Industrial Robots Inc.

Mobile Industrial Robots' MiR200™ is a safe, cost-effective mobile robot that quickly automates internal transportation and logistics. The robot optimizes workflows, freeing staff resources so businesses can increase productivity and reduce costs.

Aspect Automation

Aspect Automation designs and builds custom automated manufacturing equipment for leaders in life sciences, industrial components, and consumer products. It provides innovative build-to-print and system integration services, and specializes in engineering to increase manufacturing efficiency. It has extensive experience with complex control systems, product tracking, data management, vision inspection, project management, and validation support.

Automation Inc.

Automation Inc. is an automation solutions provider. The company sells and supports factory automation components and solutions, including pneumatic, electromechanical, robotic, motion control, machine safety, ID code reading, adjustable workstations, and machine vision solutions. Automation Inc offers technical engineering support, training, and value-added services.

Braas Co.

Braas Co. has been a leader in manufacturing automation systems and components since 1961. It serves clients in 14 states. Braas's primary product focus includes robotics, machine vision, pneumatics, conveyance, rotary and linear motion control, sensing and I/O, industrial networking, logic and HMI, enclosures and panel components, safety, aluminum, and structural steel. It has more than 180 experienced and committed employees.

Quickdraw® Conveyor Systems

Quickdraw® Conveyor Systems provides industry-leading clean and modular material-handling solutions for assembly automation in lean manufacturing environments. The company's patented low-profile, open-center, slip-roller design provides a flexible and modular solution for conveyance in automotive component assembly, medical device assembly, microelectronics production, semiconductor, and cleanroom applications.


AbeTech is a premium integrator of supply-chain automation, inventory management, industrial marking, labeling, and identification systems. The company increases productivity by helping its clients standardize, consolidate, and optimize their infrastructure. Core offerings include industrial wireless networking, software systems, bar code, RFID, enterprise mobile computing, automated marking, labeling, inspection, supplies, and services.

Rinco Ultrasonics USA Inc.

Rinco Ultrasonics USA Inc., a Crest group company, has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of ultrasonic welding equipment for more than 40 years. The company's many years of experience in applications technology and development of cost-effective assembly solutions allow it to support and develop emerging technologies in the automotive, medical, textile, food, and packaging markets.

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