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HengYi Medical Company Ltd.

HengYi Medical Company Ltd. develops, manufactures, and markets interventional devices. Products include PTCA/NC/CTO balloon catheters, PTA balloon catheters, PKP balloon catheters, drug coating balloon catheters (coronary/peripheral), coronary stent systems, inflation devices, manifolds, Y-connectors, control syringes, and other cath-lab accessories.

Sypris Electronics

Sypris Electronics is a trusted contract manufacturer of electronic solutions, building complex, mission-critical electronic and electromechanical devices and integrated systems. Backed by 50 years of experience, its engineering and manufacturing services span the product life cycle in a culture of CI/Six Sigma/Lean thinking. Partners in military, medical, telecom, and space team with Sypris to deliver trusted, high-reliability electronics.


The BootieBulter is an ergonomically-friendly automatic shoe cover system consisting of a KineticButler dispenser with dedicated shoe covers and hands-free remover unit. The system can help any business save money, and the Total System, dispenser and remover, eliminates cross-contamination concerns. The system's ease of use saves time, reduces waste, and promotes improved efficiency.

Enplas America Inc.

Enplas America Inc. provides cost-effective solutions for precision custom injection molding along with engineering services with a focus on the life sciences, IVD, medical device, and biotech industries.

Devicix - Nortech Systems

Nortech and Devicix provide a turnkey portfolio of engineering, design, manufacturing, and postmarket services for the medical device market, making it easy to bring innovative, life-changing products to market. The company specializes in electromechanical applications, including software, electrical, and mechanical engineering; wire/cable assemblies; printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies; integrated device manufacturing; and postmarket service.

MDRG (Medical Device Resource Group)

The Medical Device Resource Group (MDRG) is a coalition of independent Minnesota companies that collectively offer the broad expertise companies need to get new medical devices to the market and support them once they have launched. The company's expertise, experience, and excellence help its clients' device development.

Cincinnati Test Systems

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom leak test systems and leak detection equipment. Leak testing is critical to ensuring proper product quality, safety, and performance. There are numerous reliable leak test methods, each with unique characteristics that make it favorable for specific applications.

Straub Design

Straub Design provides off-the-shelf and custom taping solutions for industries from automotive and packaging to solar.

Circuit Solutions

Circuit Solutions sells the revolutionary Vortex Walk Mat, which uses vacuum to effectively remove particles, including hair follicles and sand that migrate into cleanrooms causing manufacturing defects. Its wall cleaners remove debris from all cleanrooms. Its new product for 2017, the Vortex Germ Killer, uses nanotechnology to destroy airborne bacteria and viruses in hospitals, clinics, factories, schools, and other public settings. .

Seiki Corp.

Seiki Corp., an all-around manufacturer of runnerless equipment, continuously provides each customer in the plastic and rubber molding industries with the best solution along with a close partnership.

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