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DPSS Lasers Inc.

DPSS Lasers Inc. specializes in manufacturing ultraviolet (UV 355 nm) laser markers and low-cost UV lasers with high peak powers and repetition rates that are ideal for marking and engraving materials, such as ceramic, plastics, and metals. Applications using the company's Samurai UV “cold laser” marker include product coding, micromachining, marking, sapphire scribing, ITO removal, semiconductor, and medical packaging.

Dino-Lite Scopes

Dino-Lite portable digital microscopes and eyepiece cameras provide high-quality microscopy video interfacing to PC and MAC. Most models provide 10x–220x magnification with features such as measurement and adjustable polarizer. The included software makes it easy to take snapshots, record videos, manipulate images, and save and email discoveries.

Premold Corp.

Premold Corp. is a leading supplier of custom reaction-injection-molded (RIM) plastic housings, bezels, and enclosures for specialty equipment for the life sciences industries. The company is vertically integrated, offering mold design and build, molding, painting, finishing, EMI, decorating, prototyping, subassembly, project management, and sourcing services. ISO 9001 certified, UL recognized.

Plastics International

Plastics International is a global supplier of medical, engineering, and high-performance plastics in sheet, rod, tube, and film. Materials can be provided "cut to size" with three-dimensional finishing and fly-cutting capabilities for prototype and production applications. Stocking materials include Delrin, Noryl, nylon, PEEK, PVDF-Kynar, PTFE-Teflon, UHMW, Ultem, and more.

Excelitas Technologies®

Excelitas Technologies®, a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, will be showcasing its latest OmniCure® UV curing solutions ideal for medical applications. OmniCure offers leading manufacturers worldwide the most advanced, efficient, and reliable UV curing technology to ensure consistent and repeatable UV curing results.

MED Institute

MED Institute supports entrepreneurs, consultants, developers, and manufacturers of medical products through the entire product life cycle, from initial concept through product approval to postmarket needs. With experience in medical device testing, clinical evaluation, data analysis, and global regulatory submission preparation, the company's team knows what it takes to guide a product through all the complex steps required for market approval.

Interwire Group

Interwire Group carries one of the largest selections of high-carbon spring wires and low-carbon specialty wires. The company stocks and distributes all grades of stainless-steel and nonferrous wire products. Interwire sources its application-specific wire (round and shaped) from qualified domestic and international producers, allowing its customers to achieve peak performance.

Plastics One Inc.

Since 1949, Plastics One Inc. been partnering with OEMs worldwide for specific design and product needs—a track record that promises customers the power of its connecting abilities in superior manufacturing and customer service. The company is proud to design and custom manufacture medical cables, cable assemblies, and connectors, and to provide injection, insert, and cleanroom molding with in-house tooling and design services.

Nitto Kohki USA Inc.

Nitto Kohki USA Inc. offers linear motor-free piston system air compressors and vacuum pumps featuring quiet, oil-free operation with exceptionally long life. It offers quick connects that are ideal for pneumatic, hydraulic, leak test, and purity applications, with a wide range of material options for the coupler body and seals. Nitto Kohki "Delvo" electric screwdrivers are professional-use, high-quality tools offering precise torque control.

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