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Exacto Medical

Exacto Medical manufactures and assembles products made from all types of wire in any configuration. Assembly operations include laser welding, gluing, crimping, and cleaning in a seven-stage multisonic washing system in the company's ISO Class 7 cleanroom. Exacto Medical also produces compression, extension, and torsion springs. The company prides itself in taking a concept to market.

DDL Inc.

DDL Inc. is a full-service testing lab that has provided package, product, and materials testing to the medical device industry for more than 25 years. The company’s team of engineers, and technical and quality experts is devoted to helping customers worldwide succeed by taking an independent, involved, and informed approach to ensuring regulatory compliance.

McLean Medical & Scientific

Since 1921, McLean Medical has specialized in manufacturing the finest surgical instrumentation to a customer’s exact specifications. The company combines superior materials and skilled craftsmanship to produce the highest quality OEM surgical products, offering complete support-from product prototype to full production. McLean also provides professional support for FDA/cGMP/QSR compliance, assembly, packaging, and sterilization services.

Minnesota Wire

Minnesota Wire is a vertically integrated, custom development and manufacturing house for wire, cable, and interconnect assemblies. The company serves the aerospace, medical, military, and commercial/industrial markets. It is a market/R&D leader in electrical signal integrity, low-noise cable, radio-translucent wire, and innovative connections for wearable electronics, patient monitoring systems, and leading-edge medical devices.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group's peristaltic pumps are ideal for integrating into medical devices and diagnostic test instruments where accurate, safe, and reliable transfer, metering, and dosing duties are required. Its dedicated OEM design, development, and production team works with clients to customize a standard option to meet their application requirements. Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps are used throughout the healthcare industry.

DPSS Lasers Inc.

DPSS Lasers Inc. specializes in manufacturing ultraviolet (UV 355 nm) laser markers and low-cost UV lasers with high peak powers and repetition rates that are ideal for marking and engraving materials, such as ceramic, plastics, and metals. Applications using the company's Samurai UV “cold laser” marker include product coding, micromachining, marking, sapphire scribing, ITO removal, semiconductor, and medical packaging.

Motion Dynamics Corp.

Motion Dynamics manufactures custom coils, springs, wire forms, Nitinol components, and laser-welded assemblies, specializing in micro wire components. It offers coil diameters less than 0.004-in. and wire diameters 0.0005–0.125-in., in stainless steel, Nitinol, platinum alloys, titanium, cobalt chrome alloys, tungsten, and high-temperature alloys; laser welding, passivation; heat treatment; etching; and cleaning. ISO certified, ITAR registered.


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