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Martin Calibration Co.

Martin Calibration Co., an ISO 17025–accredited calibration laboratory, is unmatched regarding dimensional calibration, electronic calibration, physical calibration, thermal calibration, flow calibration, and pipette calibration. The company has been a leader in the metrology business for more than 30 years and continues to focus on and thrive in quality.

Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc.

Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc. is a world-leading company in the field of ultrasonic welding. For its customers, the company assumes the role of both a consultant and an application problem solver with regard to the ultrasonic joining technology of plastics. Herrmann specializes in the medical industry and offers local support and lab capabilities.

Pioneer Plastics Inc.

Pioneer Plastics Inc. specializes in the development of tooling for plastic injection molding of medical components, such as contract custom and insert injection molding, including assembly services for the medical device industry.

Electronic Systems Inc.

Electronic Systems Inc. has been providing legendary service to its customers for more than 35 years. Founded in 1980, the company provides a full range of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the medical, industrial, commercial, energy, and HVAC markets. ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

NCI Inc.

NCI Inc. is a local partner for optical inspection instruments from Leica Microsystems and a complete source for cleanrooms and cleanroom supplies. Leica inspection solutions range from basic stereomicroscopes to digital 3-D microscopes. NCI (formerly Innotech Products) supplies cleanrooms, equipment such as clean benches, HEPA filters, and supplies including sticky mats and apparel. Stop by for a free inspection and cleanroom consultation.

WhiteBoard Product Solutions

WhiteBoard is a full-service product development consultancy servicing industries ranging from consumer products to medical devices. The company's exposure to various industries is key to promoting innovation. It employs a range of creative talent from graphic and industrial designers to engineers and model-makers. Services offered include upfront research and validation, plus industrial design, engineering, extensive prototyping, and promotion.

I-Tek Medical

I-Tek was founded in 2005 and has grown to be one of the premier medical device contract manufacturers located in the United States. The company operates in an FDA GMP–compliant facility with ISO 13485 certification. I-Tek specializes in turnkey manufacturing and sterile barrier packaging. Its employees are experts in medical device development and commercialization.

Materials Evaluation & Engineering Inc.

Materials Evaluation and Engineering Inc. provides practical solutions to materials-related problems through innovative analysis and engineering. Comprehensive laboratory capabilities support failure analysis, QC, design, and R&D projects. Capabilities include light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy, elemental analysis, surface analysis, microstructure evaluation, infrared spectroscopy, particle counting, and gas chromatography.

UMC Inc.

UMC Inc. serves a range of markets, including medical, aerospace, commercial, industrial, energy, and others. Capabilities include prototyping, engineering, precision machining, supply chain, quality management, continuous improvement, finishing, and complex assemblies. With more multi-axis machines than most competitors, its machining capabilities include five-, seven-, nine-, and 11-axis machining; CNC turning; EDM; Swiss; and tool grinding.

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