October 31 – November 1, 2018Minneapolis Convention CenterMinneapolis, MN


Rasco Industries Inc.

Rasco Industries Inc. manufactures screen products to add security, ventilation, and pest control to loading dock doors, hollow metal service doors, and air inlets. For decades, it has provided screening solutions to a variety of industries. Rasco worked closely with major food packaging and processing plants, food inspection organizations, and a USDA laboratory to assure a product design and screen selection to meet clients' rigorous needs.

Amplitude Systemes

Amplitude Systemes manufactures a new generation of ultrafast lasers, using direct diode-pumping of Ytterbium doped materials. Main features are compactness, ease of use, and high reliability. Products include high-energy, high repetition rate femtosecond fiber amplifiers (Satsuma and Tangerine series), as well as 100W high-energy amplifiers (Tangor series).

Controlled Dynamics

Controlled Dynamics offers an evolutionary leap in structural aluminum systems. The company was formed with the goal of engineering a structural aluminum system to eliminate the realignment of assemblies and retightening of fasteners. It is experienced with t-slot based systems subjected to dynamic environments. Visit Controlled Dynamics' Web site for more information.

Brentwood Industries Inc.

Brentwood is a leading manufacturer of custom thermoformed and injection-molded solutions for medical device packaging, components, and housings for imaging and diagnostic equipment. It is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and its state-of-the-art ISO Class 7 cleanroom is equipped with the latest technologies that allow it to produce a wide range of functional and aesthetic parts, including trays at an industry-leading 72-in.-long inline.

Nobilis Metals

Nobilis Metals is a business of LeachGarner Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company. Its 500,000-sq-ft facility is among the largest precious metal mills in North America. Nobilis has more than a century of experience in the production of rod, wire, sheet, foil, strip, ribbon, and components. It processes thousands of tons of precious metal alloy products annually and leverages on-site labs to provide assay results and certifications.

MeHow Medical

MeHow Medical is focused on providing total medical device solutions for market-leading growth companies worldwide, specialzing in LSR, plastic, and LSR/plastic (two-shot) component manufacturing and technologies. The company owns Class 10K and 100K GMP workkshops, and is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, TS16949, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.


TDK-Lambda is a global leader in AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies. The company is ranked #1 in the industrial market and #2 in the medical market (IHS2017). Products include AC/DC (5 W–50 kW; 50 kW if parallel), DC/DC (1.5 W-–700 W) isolated and non-isolated, programmable (200–800 W), and EMI filters (0.5 A–300 A).

Opticon Inc.

Since 1976, Opticon Inc. has been designing and manufacturing world-class 1-D laser, 2-D imaging, and CCD bar-code scan engines for OEMs building medical, mobile, and retail devices. The company and its premier partner, RESCO Electronics, will be showcasing Opticon’s bar-code scanning systems along wth RESCO’s manufacturing and supply-chain solutions. The combined expertise and solutions offer advances in performance, quality, and reliability.

Focus Display Solutions

Focus Display Solutions offers in-stock, cost-effective, reliable LCDs and rapid prototyping of custom LCD solutions for designers and engineers. The company's Arizona-based design support and same-day solutions reduce design time and cost. Visit focuslcds.com for next-day samples and a wider selection of multi-interface color TFT modules, touch-panel technology, and character and graphic displays for new project designs.

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