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Tech Tube

Tech Tube is a manufacturer of specialty tubing, fabricated parts, and finished devices for the medical and aerospace industries.

Elgiloy Specialty Metals Inc.

Elgiloy Specialty Metals Inc. manufactures more than 50 nickel, cobalt, and titanium-based alloys in strip, foil, wire, and bar. From small prototype orders to truckload quantities, the company can help customers find the appropriate alloy for the most demanding applications.

Burpee MedSystems LLC

Burpee MedSystems LLC offers both catheter and stent manufacturing, allowing it to expedite development timelines and lower costs for its customers. It manufactures delivery systems, catheters, introducers, stents, other laser-cut devices, and wire-formed components. Manufacturing capabilities include laser machining, heat-shaping of Nitinol, materials testing, electropolishing, surface finishing, and catheter manufacturing operations.

Apollo Medical Extrusion

Apollo Medical Extrusion, a Spectrum Plastics Group company, is an ISO 13485–registered medical plastics extruder offering cutting-edge technologies. With short lead times and low minimum order quantities, it offers both off-the-shelf and custom runs for microbore single lumen, multilumen, thin wall, braided, and coil-reinforced tubing, as well as steerable catheters.

Bay Associates Wire Technologies

Bay Associates is an ISO 13485 manufacturer of custom wire and cable and cable assemblies in large or small volumes. It molds and extrudes in all materials and specializes in silicone rubber. It is 100% vertically integrated with an in-house machine shop for overmold tooling and custom components. BAYCABLE offers wire sizes down to 48 AWG and terminates to connectors, PCBs, substrates, wire prep, or any medium; and offers 3-D prototype service.


ADMEDES GmbH is a leading global provider of finished Nitinol self-expandable components to the medical device industry. The company collaborates with clients on their designs to develop, commercialize, and produce Nitinol and other metal medical implants and device components that meet stringent ISO and FDA standards.


AdvancedTek is a trusted advisor and Platinum Level Partner for Stratasys and Desktop Metal 3-D printing technologies. Serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota, the company has 20 years of industry expertise working closely with clients to accelerate design and manufacturing processes by adopting 3-D printing and additive manufacturing solutions.

Anomet Products

Anomet Products manufactures clad metal composite medical wire combining high-strength, high-conductivity, shape memory, corrosion resistant, biocompatible, and/or radiopaque alloys into one material “system.” Some examples are platinum clad tantalum, gold clad Nitinol, or silver cored MP35N. Substitute other metals and alloys, such as 316LVM, gold, MP35N®, Nitinol, tantalum, titanium, platinum-iridium alloys, palladium, silver, and others.

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