October 31 – November 1, 2018Minneapolis Convention CenterMinneapolis, MN


University of St. Thomas

The University of St. Thomas is Minnesota's largest private university and offers more than 100 graduate programs. It offers MBA programs; specialized master's degrees, such as business analytics, data science, and regulatory science; as well as graduate certificates in big data, business analytics, healthcare, heathcare analytics, and medical device development.

Infinity LTL

Infinity LTL is a partner in engineered and pre-colored compounds with speed, service, and technical expertise. The company creates specialty engineered compounds and custom-colored thermoplastics that meet customer-specific application requirements. Infinity LTL works with dozens of base resins, including high-temperature and fluoropolymers. It offers the right combination of technology, service, quality, and price.

JMedtech Coating Technologies Pte. Ltd.

JMedtech Coating Technologies Pte. Ltd. is a medical technology company headquartered in Singapore, providing a wide range of expertise to meet every individual customer's and manufacturer’s specific needs. The company delivers a broad spectrum of best-in-class coatings, such as hydrophilic coating, antimicrobial coating, and hemocompatible coating.

Altos Photonics Inc.

Altos Photonics Inc. offers ultrafast lasers for medical device applications, including stent cutting, precision hole drilling, and UV polymer processing. Additional products include nonlinear crystals, optical mounts, USB-controlled stages, and other related products. Altos Photonics is the North American office for both Light Conversion and Ekspla.

Ninja Circuits

Specializing in quick-turn, proof-of-concept and one-time builds, Ninja Circuits has the resources, including Assembleon iFlex, vapor phase re-flow oven technology, conformal coating, and IPC trained operators. With more than 30 years of industry experience through its parent company, E.I. Microcircuits, the company leaves its customers satisfied with their product every time.

AMETEK Engineered Medical Components

AMETEK Engineered Medical Components includes TSE, Avicenna, and Laserage. These businesses provide custom interconnects with ultra-high-density technology, fine-wire cable, electrode-based catheter assemblies, contract device and system assembly, and laser-machined metal and polymer components for cardiac imaging/mapping systems, neuromodulation leads, endovascular stents, and neurovascular delivery systems.

Farlow's Scientific Glass Blowing Inc.

Farlow's Scientific Glass Blowing Inc. manufactures custom precision glass balloon molds; straight tubes; and tipping dies, forming dies, and bonding dies for catheter production. Products include glass anatomical models for fatigue, flow, tortuous path testing, and demonstration. Products also include custom glass for scientific use. Visit the Farlow's booth to learn more.

Gerbig Engineering

Since 1985, Gerbig Engineering has provided affordable cleanroom solutions to the medical device market in the Twin Cities and North America. It specializes in cleanroom design, fabrication, installation, and testing. Gerbig manufactures AireCell™ modular cleanrooms and devices. It tests and certifies cleanrooms and equipment. Gerbig Engineering is a NEBB-certified cleanroom testing company.

Fort Wayne Metals

Fort Wayne Metals is an expert manufacturer of precision fine wire, centerless ground bar, strands, cables, metal-to-metal composites, and subassemblies for the medical device industry. The company works with stainless steel, high-performance alloys, and titanium, and is an integrated Nitinol supplier. FDA registered and ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.

BTW Inc.

BTW Inc. has been a provider of contract electronic manufacturing services for more than 23 years. The company is an ISO 9001– and ISO 13485–certified, FDA- and ITAR-registered, and veteran-owned small business. Services include printed circuit assembly through complete product builds with a host of supporting services, including cleanroom production and third-party logistics.

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