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Farlow's Scientific Glass Blowing Inc.

Farlow's Scientific Glass Blowing Inc. manufactures custom precision glass balloon molds; straight tubes; and tipping dies, forming dies, and bonding dies for catheter production. Products include glass anatomical models for fatigue, flow, tortuous path testing, and demonstration. Products also include custom glass for scientific use. Visit the Farlow's booth to learn more.

Gerbig Engineering

Since 1985, Gerbig Engineering has provided affordable cleanroom solutions to the medical device market in the Twin Cities and North America. It specializes in cleanroom design, fabrication, installation, and testing. Gerbig manufactures AireCell™ modular cleanrooms and devices. It tests and certifies cleanrooms and equipment. Gerbig Engineering is a NEBB-certified cleanroom testing company.

BTW Inc.

BTW Inc. has been a provider of contract electronic manufacturing services for more than 23 years. The company is an ISO 9001– and ISO 13485–certified, FDA- and ITAR-registered, and veteran-owned small business. Services include printed circuit assembly through complete product builds with a host of supporting services, including cleanroom production and third-party logistics.

BSI Group America Inc.

BSI Healthcare's mission is to ensure patient safety while supporting timely access to global medical device technology. The company provides thorough, responsive, predictable conformity assessments, evaluations, and certifications that are recognized and accepted worldwide. To learn more, visit BSI Healthcare's Web site.

Anderson Agency Inc.

Anderson Agency Inc. represents a variety of custom thermoplastics, silicone, metal components, and precious metal plating manufacturers. The company's supplier base works in thin medical-grade materials, small diameters, and complex shapes. If a customer can design it, Anderson can work out a way to make the part with a capable production process.

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products manufactures precision metal tubes; high-purity strip; ultrathin foil; shaped wire; and powders in titanium, stainless steel, and super alloys. Applications include heart valves, trauma nails, orthopedic implants, stents, implantable cans for pacemakers, HPLC tubing, and Ti powders for plasma coatings. Fine Tubes, Superior Tube, Hamilton Precision Metals, and Reading Alloys form AMETEK SMP.

Gowanda Components Group

Gowanda Components Group is a U.S.-based manufacturer of power, conical, RF inductors, transformers, and application-specific magnetics. Medical applications are supported with standard/custom products and OEM-specific design/development assistance featuring micro/ultraminiature, solvent-resistant, and magnetic/nonmagnetic designs. Facilities include custom molding/winding, prototyping, Class 100,000 cleanrooms, and ISO 13485/ISO 9001 standards.

National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI)

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) is an industry-leading notified body providing medical device approvals and certification services for ISO 13485, CMDCAS, MDSAP, and CE marking. NSAI embraces the responsibility of delivering a true customer-focused, time-to-market service that provides its clients with a competitive edge and promotes their position in the global medical device marketplace.

Syrma Technology

Syrma Technology provides health tech OEMs with custom electronic design and manufacturing services, backed by four decades of engineering expertise. From PCBA and other components to full product builds and advanced RFID solutions, it delivers high-mix, flexible volume production. Syrma is based in California with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including its flagship location in Chennai, India. Learn more at Syrma's Web site.

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