October 31 – November 1, 2018Minneapolis Convention CenterMinneapolis, MN

Proximal Flow Sensor SFM3400

Proximal Flow Sensors for Neonatal Applications

The SFM3400 is a proximal flow sensor for flow measurements in respiratory applications in neonatology. The neonatal sensor is available as single-use and as reusable solution. The reusable version is autoclavable, washable and sterilizable. Both versions are fully calibrated – a recalibration is not necessary. The digital SFM3400 measures flow rates up to 33 slm, is very robust and has a fast signal processing time. The special design of the flow channel results in minimal dead space and the slightly increased pressure drop ensures high stability in varying inlet conditions. Via medical cones, the sensor can easily be connected to the respiratory cycle. Thanks to these features, the new flow sensor is suitable for proximal flow measurements in medical ventilation, anesthesia and other OEM applications in the neonatology and pediatrics

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