October 31 – November 1, 2018Minneapolis Convention CenterMinneapolis, MN

Selective Metal Plating on Plastic

SAT Plating has expanded the range of plateable polymers to include highly difficult-to-plate
plastics such as ASA, TPO, Nylon, PPS, PEEK and PEI (Ultem™) materials, just to name a few. Our proprietary Surface Activation® process allows us to improve the atomic structure of the polymer surface while using no abrasive blasting or hazardous chemical etching of the substrate.
Surface Activation®, along with our collection of other Adaptive Plating Technologies™, can be selectively applied to films,
membranes, tubes, fibers, fabric and rapid prototype configurations. Our Adaptive Plating Technologies™ ensure: • High-definition
– selective plating of conductive surfaces, antennas, functional and appearance coatings • Repeatability – high-quality
and scale of production volumes • Cost Savings – expanded range of material choices and elimination of production steps

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