October 31 – November 1, 2018Minneapolis Convention CenterMinneapolis, MN

StreamLiner™ XT Tubing for Catheter Liners

Through more than 50 years, Zeus has been finding the solutions to the most demanding medical market needs. Today, we continue this track record with our new StreamLiner™ XT thin-walled PTFE catheter liner. Featuring a maximum wall thickness of 0.00075″ (0.01905 mm), this liner’s super-smooth surface provides for an extremely low deployment force for intra-luminal catheter technologies. StreamLiner™ XT allows for increased lumen potential while also enabling a smaller overall finished device. As a free-extruded liner, StreamLiner™ XT eliminates certain risks associated with dip-coated liners such as flaking or cracking. StreamLiner™ XT is based on our proprietary LoPro™ technology and is available with inside diameters from 0.013″ to 0.040″ (0.330 to 1.016 mm). The next generation of catheter design and minimally invasive therapy is here – its StreamLiner™ XT. Ask us about customization.

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