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Here at MD&M, we get excited when we see innovation applied to big, growing markets. With the global cardiovascular device market soaring to $54 billion in 20211 , we're seeing a swell of interest in the enabling technologies behind cutting-edge structural heart, rhythm management, vascular and other cardiovascular technology products.

Minnesota is home to many of the largest cardiovascular device makers in the world and is rightly proud of the state's contribution to innovations in this sector. This October, MD&M Minneapolis will host the largest assembly of cardio device suppliers, cardio engineering thought leaders and decision makers in the US. These pros look to MD&M to provide one-stop supplier research and idea exchange – and you can put your company in their path, opening up new opportunity for growth.

Conference Highlights

R&D and Product Development Track:

  • Marissa Caldwell, Principal Scientist, Medtronic Energy and Component Center (topic: LI-ion Battery Design and Selection for Medical Device Applications)
  • Rob Zenk, Manager, Risk Management, Abbott (topic: Achieving Compliance Through the Adequate Evaluation of Risk)
  • Mac McKeen, Fellow, Regulatory Science, Boston Scientific (topic: Artificial Intelligence (AI): What You Need to Know to Develop and Launch Your Digital Health Solution)

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Technical Solutions Track:

  • Jay Jayashankar, PhD, Materials & Process Development Engineer, Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (topic: Improving the Function and Durability of Materials through Coatings and Surface Treatments)
  • Shantanu Shivdekar, Senior Engineer, Boston Scientific (topic: Plastics Related Challenges in Medical Device Design and Manufacturing)

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Medtech Manufacturing Track:

  • Joe Friedrich, Quality Director, Boston Scientific (topic: Panel: Using the FDA's Case for Quality to Reduce Production Inefficiencies)
  • Andrew Lux, PhD, Senior Vice President, Operations, Atricure (topic: Choosing the Right Manufacturing Project to Implement Lean Six Sigma)
  • Scott Scully, Director, Corporate Molding/Tooling, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems (topic: Part Process Development and Validation for Multiple Machines)
  • Scott Schulze, Senior Operations Engineering Manager, Acist Medical Systems (topic: Using a Distributed Supply Chain for Faster Speed to Market)
  • Stephane Rossetti, Senior Manager, Supply Chain / Logistics, Medtronic Energy and Component Center (Lithium Ion Batteries: Encouraging Safety with Minimal Impact on Assembly and Manufacturing

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Medtech Central

Panel: Industry Trends in Cardiology and the Impact on Your Next Device

Cardiovascular medicine has seen rapid change over the past few years showing no signs of a slowdown. With recent developments in front-end design and implementation of new technologies for cardiovascular treatments, the cardio industry is expected to gain greater strength within the medical device industry. We'll continue to see innovative treatment technologies for cardiovascular disease in areas like transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), mitral valve replacement, and structural heart. But, future areas of progress include a larger role for wearable and implantable devices and the data they collect. 3D imaging and 3D printing will continue to be important as well. Topics to be covered include:

  • Developments and challenges in cardiovascular medicine
  • What's driving new and innovate technology projects from early concept ideation to clinical feasibility studies
  • What barriers to market entry exist for medical device manufacturers

Moderator: Paul Iaizzo, PhD, FHRS, Professor, Visible Heart® Research, University of Minnesota Visible Heart® Lab
Panelist: Mario Goessl, MD, Director, Research and Education, Center for Valve and Structural Heart Disease, Minneapolis Heart Institute

Safety and Cost: Better Practices for Powering Electronic Implants

Although not core to the primary function of medical devices (implantable or on-the-body), the battery tends to dominate device size and shape, and dictates the energy budget and hence the device functionalities, and limits its lifetime. Yet, with trends towards device miniaturization, increasing connectivity and longer life expectancy, tough requirements are placed on the energy storage component to provide the device with true power autonomy. Topics covered include:

  • Alternative technologies available for powering sensing and therapy delivery medical devices
  • Advantages in selecting battery technology depending on electrical performance, size and energy density, cycle life, safety and cost
  • Solutions for charging batteries wirelessly or by using energy harvesting

Speaker: Gary Johnson, Sales Director USA, Ilika Technologies

Top Exhibitors

Be sure to check out these top exhibitors who are relevant to the cardiovascular industry:

The Visible Heart Lab

Make sure to visit The Visible Heart Lab’s experiential booth to see their most recent research, demo their cardio VR experience, and get hands on with the latest 3D printed human heart models.

The Visible Heart® Laboratory is well known for its novel imaging techniques of cardiac anatomy and physiology, and is an ideal place to perform translational systems physiology research. Their research ranges from cellular and tissue studies to organ and whole body investigations.

Cardio Attendees – You'll be in good company

The largest cardiovascular leaders attend MD&M Minneapolis including:

St. Jude Medical
Boston Scientific

Edwards Lifesciences
Abbott Laboratories

W.L. Gore & Associates

1 Visiongain